What should I use the free 24/7 doctor service for? Do I have to use it or can I go to the doctor’s office?

You should use the free 24/7 doctor service for any non-emergency, minor medical issue.  The 24/7 doctor service is FREE and convenient.  It should always be your first step in receiving medical treatment or advice, before going to an actual doctor’s office.  It’ll save you money and save the association money.  You can use it for minor burns, cuts, sinus infection, walking pneumonia, cold, flu, possible COVID19 symptoms, UTI infection, poison ivy, pink eye and any other non-emergency medical need.  Call and set up a phone consultation, face time or webcam consultation on-line or over the phone for any non-emergency situation or anything over and beyond an annual wellness and or annual preventative care.  If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital, doctor or call 911.  Anything other than an emergency, always consult the 24/7 doctor service first.  If the doctor thinks it is best for you to go in and actually see a doctor face to face, they will recommend that course of action.  If that is the case, then you simply go to step 2 and schedule a face to face in office appointment.  If not and the doctor is able to call in a prescription or prescribe a course of action, then follow that counsel and consult is totally free and available 24/7/365.

How do I get enrolled? What’s the process?

It’s really very simple.  Contact us, using the forms attached here, we’ll get you pricing on all of our options.  Then we’ll answer any and all questions you may have concerning programs, how they work, what is covered, cost etc  Then at that point, you can let us know where we go from there.  You select a plan for you and we’ll send you a membership card and packet.  Just like that, you are a member and you no longer need health insurance.

How can you do this for less cost than regular health insurance?

Okay, so there is a lot to answer in this question.  The biggest reason or reasons are by eliminating the coverage of a few things like, mental health counseling, transgender re-assignment surgery and drug and alcohol rehabilitation our overhead is much lower than big insurance, we receive the best pricing on services and treatments because we pay much faster than health insurance, we don’t have all of the government oversight fees to pay to name a few.

Does this cover mental health issues and counseling?

If you need to go in to see your doctor to update a prescription for something like, ADD, Anxiety, Depression etc we would handle that as a regular office visit consultation.  We do not cover ongoing counseling and or inpatient treatment for mental health issues.  You would just pay for those services at your expense.  Most regular insurance plans only cover those things after you have met a deductible, pay a co-pay upon every visit in addition to a much higher monthly payment amount.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

Most medical issues and conditions are accepted with no restrictions.  A lot of medical issues are in a maintenance mode, where you may be controlling that issue with medication and that is fine with us.  There are a few major, medical issues and or conditions that, if you have that issue before enrolling with us, we may not be a good fit for you and your healthcare.  Again, most applicants accepted.  Simply take the first step and fill out our “Nest Steps, Initial Fact Finder form.”

What if I can’t pay my deductible in full when medical treatment or services are needed?

We understand that sometimes, medical accidents, events and issues sometimes happen at the worst of times and we would never want you to not receive the medical treatment you need because you do not have the total “deductible or members annual portion.”  We would pay whatever dollar amount you are short and then work out a zero-interest payment plan for you to pay your portion, advanced by us, back to us.

Do I have a deductible or what is the maximum out of pocket cost for me on medical needs?

You will have a member’s annual portion amount.  This amount is kind of like a deductible.  This is an amount that you are responsible for on medical treatment over and beyond office visit consultations or over and beyond annual wellness/preventative care. You will pick a dollar amount based on your needs and budget.  Typically, this amount will be considerably less than a deductible or max out of pocket cost associated with a regular health insurance plan.

What about prescriptions?

We want you to always get the best price for any prescriptions you may need.  We have a couple different procedures and options depending on what medication and or what that medication cost is.  Call us and we’ll walk you through and explain to you how to get the best pricing on medication or how to turn in to get your medication cost covered in your program.  Your medication may cost you a little more as a “un-insured” cash pay patient than if you had a true health insurance plan, but keep in mind, you may be saving hundreds of dollars on your healthcare cost and possibly pay a little more for medication, but overall you’ll be saving substantially.

Do I have to pay for everything up front and wait to get reimbursed from you, if so, how long does that take?

No, you do not have to pay everything up front. You will have a couple options whenever paying for a visit or procedure.  You can pay it and submit the paid in full receipt to us for processing OR you can simply call a number on your membership card and ask our staff to pay for your visit or procedure over the phone.  We will pay for it and then look to get reimbursed from you for whatever your portion is or if you pay it and we owe you money, we’ll reimburse you within 7 days.  We never make you wait for months to be reimbursed by us and we never expect you to pay any dollar amount out of your pocket over and beyond what you can easily afford to “float” a week until you get reimbursed.  You set that dollar amount threshold of how much is too much for you to pay and wait to get back from us.  Each member is different.

How is the Emergency situation handled or paid for?

You get to the nearest hospital or emergency room for treatment.  When filling out paperwork, you simply write on the form, where it ask for health insurance, you write in “None- I am a cash pay patient.”  The emergency staff, hospital facility will treat you and simply send you bills for your care, soon after you have been released and cared for.  When you receive the bills, you send them to us for processing.