Levels of Membership/Coverage

We offer plans of various levels with features and benefits like:

  • You can go to any doctor or any hospital of your choice (You pick, we don’t)
  • Low Office Visit Consultation fees
  • Free 24/7 Virtual doctor service
  • Dental and Vision benefits can be added on to your basic health program at any time
  • Multiple Options of Annual Member Portion amounts, kind of like a deductible ranging from around $2,000 up to $6,000 (You choose the level best for you)
  • Monthly membership fees typically are 25-50% lower than health insurance available on the Marketplace Exchange or Regular Small Group Health plans
  • Annual “Flex Pay” money that can be used to help pay for non-covered health and fitness related items like bandages, canes, walkers, braces, Garmin Fitness Tracker watches, weight loss classes, fitness center or boot camp fees to name a few.
  • All levels of membership include a $10,000 death benefit in case the absolute worst should happen, payable to your beneficiary.

We have 6 different packages to choose from, ranging from our lowest, most basic Catastrophic 3 program to our Gold level maximum, feature loaded program, with other levels in between.


Best Plan

Least out of pocket cost if something should happen.


Most Popular Plan


Great plan for those healthy individuals that don’t go to a doctor often


Max Annual Out of Pocket Cost:


Monthly Membership Payment



Max Annual Out of Pocket Cost:


Monthly Membership Payment

Little lower


Max Annual Out of Pocket Cost:


Monthly Membership Payment


Catastrophic plans are designed to limit your out of pocket cost, should a medical event happen. For example: You tear you ACL and need a $25,000 surgery. You want to limit your cost and not have to pay or come out of pocket with $25,000 OR You have a heart attack and have a $100,000 medical bill for treatment and hospital stay. You don’t want to pay $100,000!

All Catastrophic plans come with 24/7 Tele-Doc service, eliminating office visits for minor, non- emergency medical situations like Sinus Infections, Cold & Flu, COVID19, Ear Infections, Poison Ivy, UTI and more. Use Tele-Doc for any non-emergency medical situation frst.

When you fill out the “Next Steps-Fact Finder” you will be sent a personalized quote based on your personal age and medical profile.

You will be given pricing on all of our levels and options along with the price of regular traditional health insurance plans with pricing directly from the government website so you can compare cost, coverage, networks, co-pay amounts and max out of pocket amounts.

From there you are not obligated to do anything other than to be informed.

Are you ready to learn more about how you might qualify for membership and start saving money today?  If so, go to our “Forms/Documents” tab and simply fill out the “Fact Finder” form or complete the “Contact Us” section.

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