Noblesville Small Business Healthcare

Healthcare can be an important consideration for Noblesville small business owners. As an employer, you want to make sure your employees are healthy and happy. But it can be difficult to find the money needed to cover all of the expenses that come with providing healthcare benefits to your workers.

Thankfully, there is an affordable healthcare option available to Noblesville small businesses through AffordaShare. What is AffordaShare? It’s a private medical cost-sharing program that allows participants to pool their resources together to provide comprehensive healthcare at affordable rates.

This isn’t a new concept; in fact, medical cost-sharing has been around for decades. It was originally started by faith-based groups that were seeking an alternative to expensive and complex health insurance plans. The programs were a success and the idea soon spread. Now there are many medical cost-sharing programs across the country. While some require affiliation with a certain church or denomination, others—like AffordaShare—are open to anyone.

The biggest benefits of medical cost-sharing are its simplicity and low cost. These small business healthcare plans are straightforward and easy to understand. They provide in-depth coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance.

If this type of healthcare sounds like a good fit for your Noblesville small business, then contact the team at AffordaShare. We’d love to discuss the various plan options we have to offer, so you can get your employees the coverage they need. To get started, simply call 317-431-7541 or send an email to

Reasons to Provide Small Business Healthcare to Your Employees

Providing healthcare benefits to your employees may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you take a closer look at the financial implications of the decision, you’ll find it’s actually quite helpful. Here are some reasons why your Noblesville small business should offer healthcare to its employees.

1. Show the Team You Care

One of the most important things you can do as a small business owner is show your employees that you care about their well-being. Offering Noblesville small business healthcare is one way to do this. By offering healthcare, you are showing your employees that you are invested in their health and well-being. This is important because it can help improve employee morale and retention.

2. Attract High-Performing Workers

If you want to attract high-performing employees, it’s vital that you offer them a comprehensive benefits package. This is especially true for small businesses, who may not have the same name recognition as large corporations. Offering small business healthcare sends a strong message that you are committed to your employees’ well-being and that you are an employer of choice.

3. Reduce Time Off Work

When employees are healthy, they are more likely to be productive and less likely to need time off work. By offering small business healthcare, you can help reduce the amount of time your employees need to take off work. This is important because it can help improve your bottom line by reducing lost productivity.

4. Increase Productivity

When employees are healthy, they are more productive. By offering Noblesville small business healthcare, you are helping your employees stay healthy and therefore be more productive. This is essential because it can help your business save money on health care costs while increasing profits.

5. Decrease Employee Turnover

By offering healthcare coverage to your employees, you can decrease turnover and keep your best workers. When employees feel like they have good benefits, they are more likely to stay with a company. This is an especially important point to consider because it costs money to train new employees.

6. Cut the Cost of Employee Retention

Did you know that the cost of losing an employee can be up to 20% of that person’s salary? That’s a huge expense for any business, but it’s especially difficult for small businesses to absorb. Offering small business healthcare is one way to reduce employee retention costs.

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Providing healthcare to your employees can be a costly undertaking, especially if you opt for traditional health insurance. With AffordaShare, your employees get both comprehensive coverage and low rates. Contact us today to learn more about our Noblesville small business healthcare; we can be reached by phone at 317-431-7541 or via email at