Noblesville Alternative Healthcare

Have you been searching for alternative healthcare options in Noblesville? If so, it’s no wonder—traditional health insurance can be costly, frustrating, and overly complex with many hidden gotchas.

The good news is there’s a health insurance alternative available that will help cut your costs without sacrificing quality care. How? Through a medical cost-sharing program like AffordaShare.

Noblesville Alternative Healthcare: Why Medical Cost-sharing is the Solution

Healthcare in the United States costs far more than it should, and the health insurance system doesn’t make things any easier on patients. However, there’s one alternative to traditional health insurance that’s gaining popularity: medical cost-sharing. This article will outline how medical cost-sharing works, the history behind these programs, and how you can benefit from them

A Quick Introduction to Medical Cost-Sharing

Medical cost-sharing is a way to pool money together with other people in order to pay for healthcare expenses. It’s an alternative to traditional health insurance, and it can be a lot more affordable.

Here’s how it works: Individuals who want to join in on medical cost-sharing agree to contribute a monthly share (similar to a monthly health insurance premium) and pool them together. When someone needs medical care, that person is covered by drawing from the group’s pooled resources. It’s a straightforward system that allows participants to get the healthcare they need without worrying about the expense.

The Rising Costs of Healthcare

Why is this type of system needed in the United States? There are several reasons, with the primary one being the high cost of medical care.

No one can deny that healthcare costs are increasing. And it’s not just the cost of insurance that’s going up, but also the cost of care. This is a problem for everyone, but it’s especially a problem for those who are already struggling to make ends meet. For them, even a small increase in health insurance premiums or co-pays can have devastating consequences.

The Number of Uninsured Americans Continues to Rise

In the United States, health insurance coverage has been shrinking. The number of people who have health insurance through their employer has been declining for years, and the Affordable Care Act has not been able to make up the difference. This has left many people without any health insurance coverage at all, which is why medical cost-sharing is such a great alternative.

The History of Medical Cost-Sharing in America

Healthcare cost-sharing plans are nothing new in America. In fact, even before the Affordable Care Act was passed, medical cost-sharing was a popular way to obtain healthcare coverage.

Medical cost-sharing in America started in the 1970s as a way to provide more affordable healthcare to people with shared beliefs. The idea behind this system comes from the biblical principle of bearing one another’s burdens. Though medical cost-sharing organizations were originally founded by churches, they’ve now progressed beyond them with many programs (like AffordaShare) not requiring any religious affiliation.

As dissatisfaction with the current healthcare system in America continues to grow, so do alternative healthcare options like medical cost-sharing. These programs pick up the slack, offering members many benefits they won’t find through traditional health insurance plans.

The Many Benefits of Our Noblesville Alternative Healthcare

Members of AffordaShare enjoy many benefits, including:

  • The ability to visit any doctor, hospital, or healthcare provider
  • Monthly membership fees that are 25% to 50% less than health insurance premiums
  • Reduced rates offered by healthcare providers for paying up front in cash
  • Live customer service that’s available 24 hours a day
  • The ability to have major medical expenses prepaid in advance
  • Maternity and delivery coverage included
  • Optional dental and vision benefits
  • Wellness and preventative care completely covered
  • Virtual doctor visits available around the clock, 365 days per year
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • A $10,000 death benefit provided in case a member passes away

Where Can I Find More Information on Noblesville Alternative Healthcare?

If you’re having trouble making ends meet while still maintaining your healthcare coverage, consider medical cost-sharing as a viable alternative to traditional Noblesville healthcare. Medical cost-sharing gives you and your family access to the affordable, high-quality care you need without breaking the bank.

To learn more about the many benefits of medical cost-sharing, contact the team at AffordaShare. We’d love to discuss the various options we offer our members. To get started, give us a call at 317-431-7541 or send an email to