Lower Your Healthcare Cost

100% No Risk. Its like “heads you win and tails you tie!”

It cost you absolutely nothing for us to work for you and perform a quick review of your current plan, assessing your current coverage, cost, deductible, co-pay and max out of pocket situation to see if there may be a better option for you, your family or your business.


If you don’t qualify for AffordaShare, we will search all of your available options from Healthcare.gov/Obamacare/Exchange plans to private plans, short term plans and low cost fixed indemnity plans; we will explore whatever options you qualify for.  

Our promise: We will find the best the coverage for the best price, guaranteed!

What is AffordaShare and who is it for?

AffordShare is a private healthcare association, it is not traditional health insurance. AffordaShare is designed for those individuals tired of paying the high cost of traditional health insurance and tired of paying for services and or coverage they may not need.  AffordaShare is here to provide the best in needed healthcare coverage and services for its members.

If you qualify for membership, apply and are accepted, you are in good hands.  Your healthcare is our #1 priority.  You are a part of a medical cost sharing association. AffordaShare is designed for the Individual that isn’t on a lot of medication and doesn’t have the need to go to the doctor a lot, but still needs the protection for the “what ifs” in life.

By pairing AffordaShare with 24/7 Tele-med and Bill Saver to negotiate medical bills and keep our cost low, every member saves money with reduced monthly premiums. You have the most flexible, most cost effective sensible program on the market today. This association pools money together from all of its members, paying for medical cost associated with its membership. The member is responsible for his/her initial responsibility amount (a.k.a Deductible), then AffordaShare takes over.

This program is ideal for individuals, families and small businesses. The goal of AffordaShare is to achieve optimal healthcare protection at the best possible price.

Joined with hundreds of families that have taken control of their healthcare!  Welcome to AffordaShare, the future of healthcare.


easy, common sense approach to your medical needs


25%-50% lower cost than traditional insurance


Low deductible programs with office visit benefit & preventative care included.  You can go to any licensed medical provider and hospital.


Anyone who wants to pay less for their health insurance.  Great for relatively healthy families, individuals or small businesses.

Individual Plans

We can help you find the health insurance plan that meets your needs, whether you’re under the age of 30 and looking for a low-cost, catastrophic-only plan; a high-coverage platinum plan with low out-of-pocket expenses; or something in between. Let us know coverage needs, and We’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Family Plans

Your family is the most important part of your life. Let us help you find health insurance that covers everyone, puts your mind at ease, and won’t break the bank. We can help you choose coverage that’s tailored to your family.

See if you qualify and start saving this month.

Open Enrollment is all year long.