Indianapolis Alternative Healthcare

Have you been searching for Indianapolis alternative healthcare but you’re not finding many good options? Unfortunately, that’s a problem that’s far too common in today’s world. Despite the fact that the United States offers the best quality of healthcare in the world, the health insurance system is poorly managed and way too expensive for the average American.

So what’s a person supposed to do? Healthcare is a necessity, but it feels like a constant drain on your finances when you pay outrageous premiums every month while coverage continues to dwindle.

Thankfully, there’s an innovative healthcare alternative available to Indianapolis residents: AffordaShare. What is AffordaShare? In short, it’s a medical cost-sharing program that allows members to pay an inexpensive monthly fee to get their healthcare expenses covered whenever the need arises.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, you’d better believe it, because it’s real. In fact, members typically pay between 25% to 50% less with AffordaShare compared to traditional health insurance. If this is the type of Indianapolis alternative healthcare you’ve been looking for, then contact us to get started. You can reach us either by phone at 317-431-7541 or by filling out the contact form on this site.

If you’d like more information about AffordaShare, we encourage you to keep reading; we’ve answered a few of the most commonly questions we receive about our service below.

How Does AffordaShare Work?

One of the best things about being a member of AffordaShare is having your healthcare expenses taken care of in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand. The basic premise of AffordaShare is this:

Each AffordaShare member pays a preset monthly fee to the program administrator. The administrator collects all the funds together then redistributes them to participants who incur medical expenses that month. Whenever you have to go to the doctor, hospital, or any other healthcare provider, all you have to do is call AffordaShare and they’ll make payment up front. You can also pay for services yourself then submit a form to be reimbursed within seven days. It’s so simple!

How Does AffordaShare Save Participants Money?

There are essentially three reasons why our Indianapolis alternative healthcare is so inexpensive. For starters, we’re not a massive corporation with exorbitant overhead costs like most health insurance companies are. They have to pay out a lot of money for office space, staffing, and government compliance while our administrative costs are low. Because the cost of our overhead is low, we’re able to offer program participants a reasonable monthly membership fee that’s significantly less expensive than health insurance premiums.

Program participants also save money every time they go to a healthcare provider. As a member of our medical cost-sharing program, you’re what’s called a “self-pay patient.” Basically, all that means is that healthcare providers don’t have to bill through a health insurance company; they get paid upfront in cash. Because it costs doctors and hospitals a lot of time and resources to bill insurance, they offer discounted rates to patients who make payments themselves instead of relying on insurance.

We’re also able to offer our affordable healthcare alternative to Indianapolis residents because there are a few expensive treatments we don’t cover. For example, we don’t pay for long-term mental health treatment, drug or alcohol treatment programs, or gender reassignment surgery. We exclude these services because they’re not needed by most program participants but their high cost (if we covered them) would drive up monthly fees for every member across the board.

What Does Your Indianapolis Alternative Healthcare Cover?

Other than the exceptions listed above, AffordaShare covers practically everything else you’d expect, including yearly physicals, stitches, sprained ankles, broken bones, allergies, disease prevention, chiropractic care, cancer treatment, maternity and delivery, emergency room visits, heart surgery, physical therapy, and more. Membership also includes perks such as:

  • A 24/7 Tele-Doc service that’s 100% free of charge and available 365 days per year
  • Annual “Flex Pay” money to be used on health and fitness-related expenses like walkers, crutches, bandages, canes, gym memberships, fitness trackers, weight loss programs, etc.
  • Optional dental and vision coverage that can be added to your basic plan at any time.
  • A $10,000 death benefit if an enrolled family member passes away

How Do I Enroll in Your Indianapolis Alternative Healthcare?

Enrolling is easy—all you need to do is fill out our initial fact finder questionnaire. We’ll get back to you with a membership quote within one business day so you can choose your plan and get started! If you have any questions about the enrollment process, simply call 317-431-7541 or send an email to