Indianapolis Affordable Health Insurance

Indianapolis Affordable Health Insurance

Finding Indianapolis affordable health insurance can be challenging. With rising premiums and reduced coverage, it can be difficult for people to find the healthcare they need at a price they can afford. Thankfully, there are alternatives to traditional health insurance, such as medical cost sharing programs like AffordaShare. 

What Does AffordaShare Offer?

AffordaShare is a private medical cost sharing organization designed to help families, individuals, and small businesses get their healthcare expenses covered without having to pay exorbitant monthly premiums. We offer simple, straightforward healthcare plans that are an inexpensive alternative to standard health insurance. While we’re not a health insurance company, we do offer many of the same benefits while eliminating all the guesswork and frustration that often arise when dealing with traditional healthcare.

With AffordaShare, you (and all other program members) pay a preset monthly fee, which tends to be significantly lower than the price of a standard health insurance premium. All of the membership contributions are then pooled together by the governing organization (AffordaShare) and distributed to those who need them. Whenever doctor or hospital bills need to be paid, just call AffordaShare to get them covered or pay for them yourself then receive reimbursement within 7 days. Medical cost sharing is an excellent, inexpensive, uncomplicated way to get all your healthcare needs met.  

Benefits to Enrolling in AffordaShare

Enrolling in our Indianapolis affordable health insurance alternative comes with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • There are no limitations to which doctor or hospital you choose – all healthcare providers are considered “in network”
  • The process for signing up, receiving coverage, and collecting benefits is much easier than with traditional health insurance carriers
  • All AffordaShare members have access to a free Tele-Doc service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Members pay less for healthcare services because they’re considered “self-pay” patients
  • Monthly membership fees are typically 25-50% less than traditional monthly health insurance premiums
  • Each plan comes with “Flex Pay” money provided annually to cover costs of health and fitness-related expenses such as gym memberships, fitness trackers, weight loss programs, bandages, braces, walkers, etc.
  • There are several program levels options available to meet the needs of individuals, families, and small businesses
  • Optional dental and vision benefits are available to all members and can be added at any time
  • There’s no specific enrollment period – you can start your membership any time you’d like
  • You get to keep the same coverage even if you change jobs or move out of state
  • Each plan includes a $10,000 death benefit to cover costs if a member passes away

What Makes Medical Cost Sharing So Affordable?

Medical cost sharing programs like AffordaShare are able to offer less expensive healthcare for several reasons:

  1. Medical cost sharing organizations don’t have nearly the amount of overhead and managerial expenses that traditional health insurance companies do; they’re pretty streamlined with minimal operating budgets, which allows these programs to pass on these savings to their members. 
  2. When members get healthcare, they’re considered “self-pay” or “cash-pay” patients. Because healthcare providers don’t need to bill insurance for services then wait for weeks to get paid, they’re willing to offer a substantial discount to patients who pay in cash. This reduces the overall cost of healthcare for program members. 
  3. Monthly membership fees in medical cost sharing programs are considerably less expensive than health insurance premiums because there are a few select procedures that aren’t covered in the plan. For example, gender reassignment surgery, drug and alcohol treatment, and ongoing mental health counseling aren’t included. Because these expensive services are excluded from coverage, the monthly fee is greatly reduced for all members. 

How Do I Get Coverage?

It’s easy to sign up for our Indianapolis affordable health insurance alternative. All you have to do to get started is go to our website and fill out the initial fact finder questionnaire, providing us with brief answers about your family members and their medical histories. We’ll review your answers then provide you with a quote for service. Then you simply pick which membership level you prefer, pay your monthly fees, and you’re a member – it’s that easy! If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us at 317-431-7541; we’d be happy to help in any way we can.