Indiana Small Business Healthcare

Are you looking for Indiana small business healthcare that won’t place a heavy financial burden on you or your employees? If so, then you’re in the right place. With AffordaShare, you can provide your employees with exceptional medical coverage at just a fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance.

What is AffordaShare?

AffordaShare is a private medical cost-sharing program whose primary purpose is to provide individuals, families, and small businesses with an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. Medical cost-sharing plans like AffordaShare have been in existence in the United States for more than 20 years. They were created in response to the country’s convoluted and expensive health insurance system; while the U.S. offers the highest standard of healthcare in the world, access to care and payment for services are poorly managed by health insurance companies.

To confront this challenge, AffordaShare (along with other medical cost-sharing programs) pool participants’ resources then distribute them whenever a member has a medical need. This greatly simplifies the payment process and allows members to get the care they need at a reduced cost.

Indiana Small Business Healthcare

Benefits of Affordashare’s Indiana Small Business Healthcare

Indiana Affordable Healthcare

AffordaShare is an excellent choice for small businesses seeking affordable healthcare for their employees. With AffordaShare, your employees get to choose their own healthcare providers; there are no in-network or out-of-network designations so members can visit any doctor or hospital they want to and still get their costs fully covered. They’ll also end up saving quite a bit of money – most members pay 25-50% less on healthcare when they go through AffordaShare compared to traditional health insurance programs.

In addition to saving money and choosing your own healthcare provider, there are countless other benefits available through AffordaShare. For example, all plans include a free Tele-Doc service that’s available any time, day or night. Members also have access to additional “Flex Pay” money to cover health and fitness expenses like gym memberships, weight loss programs, fitness trackers, walkers, canes, braces, and even bandages. We also offer a $10,000 death benefit to help cover costs in the unfortunate case of an enrolled family member’s death.

How Are Costs Kept So Low?

We know that American families and businesses are struggling under the weight of burdensome healthcare costs. For that very reason, medical cost-sharing programs like AffordaShare were specifically designed to keep costs low to ease the financial burden. But how exactly is this accomplished? There are a few key features that create a reduction in costs.

Indiana Small Business Healthcare
  1. Reduced Operating Expenses
    When you consider much money health insurance companies must spend just to keep operating, it’s no wonder premiums are so high. Thankfully, medical cost-sharing programs like AffordaShare don’t have nearly as much overhead as large health insurance companies do. For example, they don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for government oversight fees, staff wages, administrative costs, office space, or utilities. Their simplified structure reduces operating expenses with savings directly passed on to program members.
  2. Discounted Service Fees
    Another way AffordaShare members are able to save money is by paying for services directly instead of going through insurance. Billing insurance companies costs healthcare providers both time and money; because of this, doctors and hospitals routinely offer a reduced rate for self-pay patients using cash. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with the money yourself – you can call AffordaShare and have us pay when services are rendered and still get that steep self-pay discount.
  3. Excluded Services
    Medical cost-sharing programs are also able to reduce membership costs by eliminating coverage for a few select services. While AffordaShare does pay for practically everything that a traditional health insurance plan would cover, there are just a few exceptions; to keep the cost of membership low, we don’t cover gender reassignment surgery, treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, long-term counseling for mental health issues plus some preexisting conditions (if you’ve already been diagnosed). Excluding these services from coverage enables us to offer affordable rates across the board, making membership more affordable for everyone.

Contact Us for Indiana Small Business Healthcare

If you’re looking for affordable Indiana small business healthcare, then contact the team at AffordaShare. We have multiple plans to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that meets the needs of your company. Plus there’s no designated enrollment period – you can sign your employees up any time throughout the year. To get started, just give us a call at 317-431-7541 or send a message to